"We actually got our Rural Health Accredidation in the past couple of weeks. Thanks to the 3,472 square foot custom designed modular building with two clinics mirroring each other on each side of the center line, that TLG Modular provided, we now currently have four outside clinics on one side and we run a full time clinic of our own on the other. It is working well...thanks a million for your help!"

Richard Armstrong, Director, Plant Operations/Safety/Housekeeping - Calhoun Liberty Hospital


"...Thank you so much for working with us on the various details required for our modular building. We are looking forward to working with you on this project."

"...I am glad things worked and that TLG Modular will be our building provider...with as much dealings as we have had in the last year or so - I feel like we are old friends!"

Linda Lake, C.P.M. Plant Purchasing Supervisor - Seminole Electric COOP, Inc.


"We were very impressed with the professionalism of TLG Moduar. Expectations were set and managed throughout the process...from the early planning stages and development of the perfect plan to meet our needs, to the challenging installation utilizing a 130 ton crane to set the modules on the "L" shaped foundation. I placed my full confidence in them and they came through for me!"

Sue Holt, Director - Archer Consultation Services


"I needed a building for my used car sales department and I needed it quick. We were squeezed in with our rental car business and that made it difficult to conduct business and close sales. I came across TLG Modular's web site and contacted them. At first, price was my main driver but I soon learned that there was a difference in the building quality and service provided by the various modular building providers out there. After numerous conversations with their professional representative, and a trip to the manufacturer of TLG Modular, I was convinced that they were the company to go with. Within 90 days, our new sales office arrived and we were in business shortly thereafter. I am very happy with the decision I made to go with quality and service!"

Jack Dunning, Partner - Clewell Dunning Auto Sales


"We were in a panic...one of our best customers, Georgia Pacific (GP), had requested a price on a specialized building to be used for a control room at their paper mill in Zachary, Louisiana. The vendor we used for in-plant office buildings had not come through with a proposal we had requested weeks before. After finding the web site for TLG Modular, we contacted their representative on his cell phone while he was traveling in his car. Without much hope of getting the proposal completed in time we went ahead and gave him that afternoon to come up with a verbal quote on a rough set of specifications...and he did! We then forwarded that information over to GP and they later requested a formal proposal. Ultimately, GP requested that we make an in person presentation on what we had proposed. The representative offered to come to Zachary, LA and assist on that presentation...GP loved what they saw and heard and within 90 days, the custom designed control room, complete with sound proof windows, 9'0" ceilings with a highly specialized lighting package, and concrete floors was being crane set onto its concrete pad. The control room is now fully functional and TLG Modular helped us keep our credibility with this very important customer while providing them with a great facility to help them manage operations within their manufacturing environment."

Laura Terry, Purchasing - Deep South Equipment

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