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Ohio concrete company guards its building investment through relocation feature

When a 52-year established Ohio-based concrete manufacturing company needed a permanent headquarters location on the gravel pit near their plant, they faced an interesting situation. The owners discussed the possibilities and decided they wanted a customized, highly stylized building. At the same time, they realized that they could be asked to move off the site at any time as they recalled a business acquaintance that faced the same dilemma. That company had opted for a modular office building and when they were asked to vacate the location they were in, they simply picked the building up and moved it to a new location.

With relocatability designated as a top feature, their team went on to search for a project partner. Enter TLG Modular Building Solutions.  We suggested a three-way partnership between themselves, an A&E firm for foundational design, and us. TLG Modular Building Solution’s turnkey solution (1) oversaw construction of the final building to the desired aesthetic (which incorporated the customer’s own craftsmanship), (2) engineered a solid foundation at the temporary location, and (3) delivered the building in the accelerated time-frame.

Our customer liked the designs they were presented and moved ahead with the portable accommodation facility and we delivered the headquarters they had envisioned.

The three keys of success for this project:

Functional Space Planning. First, we created a floor plan that met the long-term needs of the client while also accommodating the functional space needs for key executives using the structure. The final design incorporated free traffic flow around a central conference room which was enclosed with floor to ceiling glass.

Customer-Driven Design. We worked with the owners to deliver the building that they envisioned, inside and out. Putting design control directly in the hands of the client ensured a product with the exact right aesthetic. In fact, all finishing touches were chosen by one of the owners, a professional designer. The customer also dictated the exterior look of the building by providing photographs of their desired aesthetic to guide the process and finalize the design. They even stepped in once the building was set and finished the job with its own decorative concrete walks and porches.

Permanence in Delivery. The company's most overriding desire for this project was to have their building placed on a permanent foundation, from the very first day of use. They were particularly pleased with the foundation design which of an outside foundation wall and a crawlspace. For installation, a 130-ton crane was used to lift and set the modules, each weighing over 50,000 lbs., onto the concrete perimeter foundation. While the foundation stem wall was over 36" high, the foundation was set below grade in what is commonly referred to as a "pit set" to bring the door threshold to within approximately six inches above the finished grade.

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